Risk Management - What's New

RMClient Version

*The date notified field on the notified tab now defaults to the datetime the record was entered.
*Fixed a bug that caused a few labels to not be shown in safety.
*Added a cutoff date setting for equipment search.
*Changed the dash cam field from a yes/no to a lookup.
*Fixed a bug that caused the comment template to not work on the drug test tab in safety.
*Fixed display issue with claim master extended search.
*Both preclaim and claim extended search now remember how you rearrange the results grid.
*Added an ini setting to hide the Safety box on the termination tab in safety from specific user classes.
*Fixed various errors caused by ReadOnly security setting conflicting with other settings.
*Multiple behind the scene performance improvements.
*Order number and business unit security settings now controlled by the claim master security settings.

RMClient Version

*Added customer location code field to the new osd form.
*Added GL Code entry screen to RMConfig.
*Tab visibility is now stored by both user and company.
*Added a memo field to Works Comp Auto Payments.
*Added the ability to hide tabs in safety, just like you can on the claim master.
*Added server side setting to be able to make any field required by the client.
*You can now highlight most data entry fields any color. Applies to all companies and users.
*Added First Treatment to available tables in claimant merge mail.
*Added Hazmat to inspection violations in safety.
*Added search by Carrier Claim Number to Equipment Search.
*Added a Payment Type Breakdown screen to the payment tab. It is accessible by double clicking the payment amount field and an already processed payment.
*Added Email buttons on the Diary and Adjuster tabs. Clicking them will open an email to that person with he claim number as the subject.
*Added a change log to the review status fields. You can view it by double clicking the review status field.
*There are now settings to send diaries and/or emails to both adjusters and they supervisors when the adjuster is assigned to a claim.
*Behind the scenes performance improvements.
*The claim master comment grid now shows the create user instead of the change user.
*Added Jurisdiction State to cargo claims.
*Added a WC Claimant table to merge mail.
*Added Treatment Facility table to merge mail.
*The claim detail button now restores the claim detail screen if that screen had been minimized.
*The new claim screen is now resizeable.

RMClient Version

*Added a report menu to the random driver list screen.
*Added a more specific confirmation dialog when deleting drivers in safety.
*Added COC Number to the drug test tab in claim detail and safety.
*You can use advanced searches as a way into the claim listing.
*Added 4 new fields to drivers both in claim detail and safety.
*Added setting to control if WC type changes the displayed claim type in the claim master grid.

RMClient Version

*The payment tab is now ordered by date with the newest at the bottom.
*Added Dash Cam Field to the involved equipment tab.
*Added 4 new fields to Workers Comp claim tab.
*Added 2 new fields to Workers Comp claimant tab.

RMClient Version

*Added Expected Recoveries total to the merge mail under Reserve Totals.
*Added violation code to the grid on violation tab in safety..
*Added an employee master screen.
*Added a diary tab to the preclaim screen.
*Added a WC Claim Type field to workers comp claims. Works like driver type in the claim detail.
*Added a OSD Claim Type field to OSD claims. Works like driver type in the claim detail.
*Added 4 new fields to the OSD Items screen and cleaned it up.
*Added a new Cargo Claim tab that you can enable via the Setup screen on the main menu. It has 10 new fields and the layout uses the horizontal space better, the field order has also changed quite a bit. The OSD Items are now visible on the tab without having to open another screen.
*Fixed a bug with the Void Check feature that caused it to not work.
*The scroll wheel on the mouse now works on most tabs.
*Added Number OOS to the equipment violations on inspections in safety.
*You can now enter multiple equipment violations in safety with the same violation code.
*The Customer Type field now shows as the Involved Party Type on Claimant Customers

RMClient Version

*Fixed a bug that could restrict the driver code to 6 chars in safety instead of 10.
*When viewing attachments, the temp file is saved with a random component to its name to prevent filename colisions.
*You can now prevent claims from showing up on the claim tab in Safety based on Position In Vehicle
*Fixed the filter dialog in the preclaim master. It had lost most of its fields.
*Fixed a bug that caused the Create Claim button to show on the preclaim under certain conditions even if a claim had already been created.
*Added 15 new fields to the Violation tabs in Safety, Claim Master, and Claim Detail. Did some minor cleanup as well for a more consistant feel.
*The 'Clear Forms Settings' button on the setup screen now clears grid setting as well.
*Added 3 new fields on accident claims.
*Added a field to the On Road Inspection tab in Safety.
*Added 2 new fields ot the OSD Items screen.
*Added invoice number to the reserve tree tabs.

RMClient Version

*Now claims can only have 1 involved driver with a Position In Vehicle Code of Driver. Added a setting to control this that defaults to off.
*Added support for different check batch reports for different companies in CheckPrint.
*The claim diary tab now honors the diary level settings.
*In the claim extended search, first and last name searches now show the full name in the search results.
*Changing the equipment code on a company equipment claimant will now change the value other places behind the scenes too.
*Added Date Posted, Location Code, Location Desc, and Post Accident Indicator fields to the On Road Inspections tab in Safety.
*Added a claim type field to the review statuses. Use -2 for safety accidents, 0 for all.
*Added Review Status to OSD claims.
*Added Review Status to Safety Accidents.
*Fixed some problems with security settings that were conflicting with security on SSNs.
*Fixed a bug in RMConfig that made the Company Master screen not work.
*Added 'FMCSA Acc. Register' field to accidents.
*Added driver class to pre claim accidents and cargo.

RMClient Version

*Fixed two conditions that could cause the Random Driver List to not be able to pull certain drivers.
*Manual claim numbers are now forced uppercase.
*Replaced the Save All dialog again with one that supports network drives.
*Added the endorsement code to the name of the endorsements on the general info tab in safety.
*Added Review Status field to Accidents and corresponding lookup table in RMConfig.
*Added Name Format settings to the company. Allows Unchanged so that the name setting does not override names set by imports.

RMClient Version

*Added 12 new fields to the driver's endorsements box in safety.
*Added a new tab 'Contact History' to safety. It is possible to send drivers text messages via this tab, setup required.
*Added a new tab 'DQ File' to safety. Similar to attachments, but dedicated to the driver DQ file.
*Replaced the Save All dialog on the attachments with a more modern one.

RMClient Version

*Fixed some display bugs on the existing order screen.
*Fixed a bug that caused to goto existing claim button on the existing order screen to not work.
*Made the existing orders lookup fast.
*Made the claim master listing faster.
*Made scrolling between claims faster.
*Made scrolling the claim detail screen faster.
*Fixed a bug that could make payees not show up on workers comp claimants auto-payments.
*You can no longer perform an extended search before entering search text.
*Added an 'Auto Archive' flag field to the claim, preclaim, and claimant reports in RMConfig. If this field is checked, when the report is run it will automatically be inserted into the attachments tab.
*Fixed a bug that could cause the archived diaries to not show on the diary tab in the claim master.
*Added a new parameter type to the advanced search, it allows string substitution instead of proper parameters. It gets around the problem of the DB not being able to figure out the datatype of a parameter. Use datatype 'Sub'.
*Added buttons on the Advanced Search screen to save and load search results to and from local files.
*Added a date range to the Claim Extended Search screen. The default number of days selected is controlled via the setup screen off the main menu, defaults to 1 year.
*Added the HP flag to the diary record view screens off of the main diary screen. The Flag is now also togglable in the grid via double clicking it.
*Made UI changes to the diary screen and stopped an inappropriate warning.
*Added 'Construction Site' field to Accident and Workers Comp claims.
*Most grids now save their column widths between sessions.
*The Risk tab in Safety now displays Claim and Preclaim instead of C and P.
*Added Full Name back to the driver safety extended search.
*There is now a way to to add entry points in to driver safety using custom queries.
*Opening and closing the address screen without changing any data will no longer start a new transaction.

RMClient Version

*Added a button to WC Claimants to update their employee file with the current info.
*Fixed a bug that caused the $ to disappear on some fields in safety.
*The Risk tab in Safety now claims from all companies, not just the driver's current company.
*Added a Comment Type field to the comments in safety. It uses the same comment type table as Risk. The comment type color settings apply on the safety comments tab.
*Added a 'Risk Or Safety' field to the comment type. It can be used to filter the comment types to just Risk, Safety or both.

RMClient Version

*Added a company setting to make entire claims read-only if they are closed. The closing tab is not affected so that the claim can be reopened.
*Added a warning on recoveries if the date recovered is greater than the current date.
*Added a new company setting 'Allow Excess Recoveries'.

RMClient Version

*Fixed a bug that made using the preclaim extended search change the stored settings on the claim side and visa versa.
*Rewrote merge mail so that it works much better.
*Archiving merge mail now sends it to the attachments of the current claimant. The merge mail archive tab will be phased out.
*Fixed a bug that caused the archive attachments menu to not appear in safety even if it was enabled in security.
*When closing a claim, the warning about open reserves is now triggered if there is an outstanding reserve greater than $.01, instead of $1.
*You can no longer make a payment or check request on closed claims if the company setting for allow pay on close in not Yes.
*The Allow Excess Payment flag and the Excess Payment Amount setting on reserves are now checked when making check requests, not just payment.
*When closing a claim, there is now a warning if there are any open recoveries.
*Add a 'High Priority' flag to diaries. It is shown in the main diary listing. High Priority diaries will appear at the top of the list. They will also have the High Priority field (abbreviated HP) highlighted red.
*Fixed a bug in RMConfig that made the claim master type table screen and notified email setup screens not open.

RMClient Version

*Made First and Last name editable on claimants via the record view dialog.
*Fixed some problems that caused the merge mail in safety to stop working.
*Fixed a bug that could cause WCC's name to be overwritten with blanks.
*Fixed a bug that caused archived attachments to be unavailable in preclaim.
*Added Trainer and Mentor YN flags to the general info in safety.
*Added Trainer and Mentor fields to the general info in safety. Double clicking either field will take you to the record.
*Added Trainee and Mentee tabs in safety and added security for them.
*Added Trainer and Trainer Comment fields to the Awards/Training tab. Comment template on the trainer comment.
*Added new fields on the on road inspection tab in safety for records of data challenges.
*Fixed a bug that could make assigning reserves to adjusters not work.
*Renamed RMSetup to RMConfig and made some other changes so that Windows no longer thinks it is an installer.

RMClient Verison

*Fixed a bug that prevented you from adding a violation in safety if the driver had violations on claims and only claims.
*Fixed a bug that caused the filter to no work properly on adjusters.
*Added citation number to the equipment violations on the on road inspection tab in safety.
*Fixed a bug in RMSetup that caused lookup table screens to be too big.
*Added a Payment Type field to the payee and common payee tables.
*Added support in the server for the Payment Viewer program.
*Added security settings for the Payment Viewer program.
*Increased the size of the Equipment Violation Code and Equipment # fields on equipment violations in safety. Made the corresponding changes to the lookup table.
*Added a supervisor field to the available adjusters screen in RMSetup.
*Fixed a bug that caused errors in the attachments when claimant names had certain characters in them.
*Removed Vehicle from the merge mail and added unit and trailer, which work no matter which claimant is selected.

RMClient Verison

*Added a comment field to the attorney lookup screen.
*Added filter and search controls to the attorney lookup screen.
*Added a comment field to the physician lookup screen.
*Fixed a rare bug that caused errors on some claimants with archived attachments.
*You can no longer enter a repair estimate before entering the property record.
*The claim number sequence can now restart on a fiscal year start date instead of the regular year.
*Added settings to the company setup screen in RMSetup to enable the fiscal year start date.
*Added DATERECEIVED, DATEACKNOWLEDGED,and DATEPAID to cargo pre claims and OSD claims.

RMClient Verison

*Added a button on the setup screen to clear form position data.
*Fixed a bug that could cause file extension to be duplicated on attachments.
*Made speed improvements to attachments.
*Fixed two bugs with changing either very large attachments or ones with long file name.
*Added a setting on the setup screen for attachment block size. Larger will be faster, but above a certain value you will start getting errors.

RMClient Verison

*Fixed a bug that could cause an AV when closing the preclaim screen.
*Fixed a bug that could cause the reserve type on the recoveries tab to be blank if you went to the claim via a diary in another company.
*Fixed a bug that would cause the employer to not show on WC claims if you went to the claim via a diary in another company.

RMClient Verison

*Added a splitter to some tabs to change the size of the grid. It is stored between sessions.
*Fixed a bug with pre claim attachments that could cause blank attachments to be inserted instead of the actual file.
*Fixed a bug that broke the driver safety merge mail feature.
*Added checkboxes on the driver general info for endorsements.
*Added a warning on the ops fetch if the claim already has claimants on it.
*You can now cancel the ops fetch from any of the select claimant screens.
*Fixed a bug that made the program not store form colors and positions if you have lots of copies of Risk open.
*Added Hire Date to the record view screen for employees.
*The Fetch button on claimant drivers and WCCs will no longer clear a value if the value is null in the master record.
*Added settings in the company master to disable check requests or disable payments. That way users can be forced to choose the correct one.

RMClient Verison

*Added a security setting in safety to control driver code. This does not effect the Risk side of things.
*Safety now opens with no drivers in listing. They are added by using searches.
*Added PIN to the main listing grid in safety.
*Added an Extended Search Screen in Safety.
*Fixed a bug with attachments. If there was a lock on files when they were being inserted, it looks like it works but the attachment is not inserted.
*Added Date Reported and Reported By to the new preclaim screen. A reported by record is now always inserted when a preclaim is entered.
*Added a change log on the driver PIN field. Double click the field to view it.
*Added Date Authorized to the grid on the payment tab.
*Fixed a bug that caused delete security on claimants to be mishandled.

RMClient Version

*Fixed some compatibility issues with IB7. *Added a checkbox on the safety comments tab to show comments from the driver as a claimant on a claim. *Fixed a bug with the recovery check number that prevented very large check numbers from being entered. *Fixed a bug that prevented claimant witnesses' details from being filled in. *Added a security setting under "Other" for SSNs, it can hide or disable edits on all SSN fields in the program. *On the violations tab in Safety, violations from claims are now read-only, user will have to goto the claim to edit them. *The driver code is now correctly populated in the On Road Inspection tab in Safety. *Attachments are now always ordered by attachment date. *Added a note field to log violations. *Added new ways to search and filter the GL Breakdown screen. *Added a cost center field to the GL Breakdown screen. *Added a setting in the violation type table to filter if the type is shown in Risk, Safety or both. *Added inspection date to grid on Safety On Road Inspection tab and made grid sortable. *Added a field for Driver Chargeable to the Equipment Violations section of the On Road Inspection tab in Safety. *The Check Number field on recoveries is now a string field instead of a float. It is longer and accepts any chars now not just numbers. *Added 'Dropped Trailer' to the 'Unloaded By' options on OSD claims and preclaims. *Added an Active field to the SBU table, setup for it, and filtered all drop downs it is used in. *Added a Comments Template button to the Safety Drug Test tab. *A claim is added to the list of Recent Claims worked by more actions now. *Added Division to the list of filterable fields in Safety. *You can now sort the attachments grid by attachment type. *Changed the Status field on the driver general info in safety to be a user defined field instead of hard coded. Added entry screen on RMSetup. *Added the Reserve Type field on actual recoveries to the screen and support for actual recoveries on a single expected recovery to have multiple reserve types.

RMClient Version

*You can now restart the Reports Service via a menu item in RMSetup *Added an option to have non persistent database connections to solve a rare freezing problem. *Max attachment size is now much larger. *Fixed a bug that caused archiving attachments to lose there description. *Archived attachments are now read-only, instead of causing an error on commit.

RMClient Version

*Fixed a bug that made the user names wrong after editing them.
*Fixed an AV when opening the physician address screen.
*Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong IP to be attached when manually adding it.
*Added Equiment Abuse to the accident/incident drop down on accidents.
*Added more options to the notified email to help prevent dup emails from being sent.
*Fixed a bug that made the attachments not merge when merging two drivers.
*Many more actions will now add a claim to the recent claim list.
*Pre claim comments are now ordered by create date descending.
*Added a setting for Max Attachment Size.
*You can now filter the claim master for all open claims using 'O' in the closed field.
*Added a field to the company master for 'Company Specific Master Files', which allows each company to have its own drivers ect.
*Added Fleet Manager and Driver Supervisor to WC claims.
*Added Active field to policies
*Added Trailer Drop to the Unloaded By options on OSD claims.
*Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented check from being removed from check batches.

RMClient Version

*Resized the filter data set screen
*Made the filter dataset screen filter as you type, clears field on enter
*Check requests are deletable again.
*Added the address to the grid on the new claimant customer screen
*Fixed a bug with the treatment facility not refreshing
*Added a bunch of secuirty settings for Safety that were in the program, but not displayed.
*Fixed a bug that caused the comments not to transfer when creating a claim from preclaim.
*Made Pasting work more consistently
*Fixed a bug with private attachments

RMClient Version

*Added license state to the driver general info screen.
*Added Corrective Action and Date Corrective Action Taken to the compliance tab in safety. Also added lookup table in RMSetup.
*Fixed a bug that caused tab names to not show under win7.
*Fixed a bug that caused going to a safety diary to not work.
*The safety dll is now only needed on the server to enable it.
*Fixed a bug that caused claims to show up twice on the driver safety Risk Manager tab if the same driver was a claimant more then once.
*Fixed a bug that caused the 'Modify Only' security setting to work the same as No Rights.
*Added security settings for various items that were missing them and fixed existing security settings that were not as strict as they should be.
*Added Driver Amount, Company Amount, and Paid By to the violation tab in the claim detail and safety.
*Fixed a bug with the claimant address book screen.
*Fixed a bug that caused a blank tab to show when opening the claim master if a WCC claim was on top.
*The recent list now stays more up to date.
*Moved the recent claims list to a menu item like it is in recruiting.
*Added a 'Insert Claim Payee' to the payee lookup screens.
*Now only saves temp files to the app data folder instead of the program files.
*Fixed a bug that made payments not work under IB7.
*Removed the delete button from the navg bar on the diary screen.

RMClient Version

*Added advanced search setup screens to RMSetup for the claim master, preclaim, and safety.
*Added advanced search feature to the preclaim screen and enabled XML advanced searches in safety.
*Added security to the advanced search feature.
*Reworked all the lookup and record view dialogs so that they are more consistent and easier to use.
*Reworked the new claimant screen.
*Fixed a bug that made the claim master screen not work with IB7.
*Made the claim master sql overrideable via ini file.
*Added medicare flag to the new ip screen.
*Added carrier claim number to new ip screen.
*Fixed a bug that made the preclaim reports not show up on the menu on the preclaim master.
*Injury and Fatality counts now update as they are changed.
*Fixed the "To" field on the notified emails.
*Added the Carrier Claim Number to the status bar on the claim detail with the IEG claim number.
*Made the 'Fetch' button update the driver/wc claimant's address.
*Users can now chose between SMTP, MAPI, and Outlook for sending email from the setup screen.
*Fixed a bug that caused not all the equipment info to be written when creating a claim from an OSD register.
*Sped up the Risk Manager tab on the Safety screen.
*Fixed a bug that could cause attachments on claimants with / or \ in their name not to be viewable.
*Most grids that take input directly, will no longer cancel record entry when you exit them.
*Added the payment memo to the grid on the payment tab.
*Fixed a bug that could cause an empty payment to be made if the user does not have rights.
*Check requests can no longer be made without a payee.
*Fixed a bug that made the claim master not come up when read only with open claims in the listing.
*Fixed an AV on the address book acreen.
*Fixed a bug in the address book that could cause things without address to show in the list with something else's address.
*Fixed a bug in the address book that could make the phone number not show up.

RMClient Version

*Fixed the accident type field in the merge mail.
*Fixed a bug with security in safety.
*Fixed a bug when closing reserve lines on a payment that could make the reserve go negative instead of 0.

RMClient Version

*When a diary is archived with 'Response Required' checked, a copy is now also kept in the archive, instead of just being sent to the next user.
*Added the auditing fields to the termination table.
*The comments on the claim master and claim detail are now ordered by the comment date instead of the create date.
*Added an external password validation interface.
*Fixed a bug that could cause changes to the order number/dispatch on the preclaim side to be lost on the first commit.
*You can now filter for open claims in the claim master using 'O' in the closed field on the filter dialog.
*Fixed a bug that caused an error when canceling the payee lookup screen.
*Added the filter bar back to the top of some lookup dialogs.
*Fixed a bug that could cause attachments to go on the wrong record if you are not on the attachments tab when you drop&drop them on to the claim master.
*Added a way to archive and unarchive attachments on claims, setup for the archives in RMSetup, and security on the archiving feature.
*Added 'Claim Number' field to the 'Other Insurance' tab on the claim detail.
*You can now paste in fields without the record already in edit mode.
*Added a Date Issued field to the claimant violations and made the field in safety use the newly created field instead of CRDT.
*The ext will no longer be trimmed off of attachment filename's if they are too long. Part of the name before the ext will get trimmed instead.
*Added security setting to the points tab. It does not effect the points entry fields on other tabs.
*Added a color field to the attachment type table that controls the color of the record in the attachments grid.
*Fixed a 'Record Not Found' error when updating reserve types.
*Fixed a bug that caused the order number not to show up when sending an email via the notified emails.
*Fixed a bug that made it impossible to change the attorney address via the lookup screen.
*Added a button on the attorney lookup screen to make the attorney address the same as the law firms.
*Rewrote large portions of the merge mail to fix multiple outstanding issues.
*Added the ability to CC people on the notification emails.
*Fixed a bug that caused claimants full names to not be formatted properly.
*Added server side support for exports.
*Fixed a bug with the notification emails that would make the 'Too' address incorrect.
*Added the total cost to the grid at the top of the Injury Tab in the claim detail.

RMClient Version
*Fixed a bug that caused the comments (and other grids) not to wrap when printed.
*Fixed drag on drop attachments on the claim master and pre claim. Also added the ability on the claim detail and driver safety.
*Added a Save All button to the attachment tabs.
*Fixed a bug that could cause the authorize checks screen to fail to come up.
*Fixed a problem with the layout of the user class screen in RMSetup that made it hard to use.
*Fixed a bug that made the claim detail comments not print.
*Fixed a bug that made past due diaries not get highlighted in yellow.
*Fixed a bug that caused the reserves not to show the very first time you click the tab.
*Fixed a bug in the merge mail that caused the Driver info to only merge in on notifications and if you actually did the merge mail on the driver.
*Added Shipper, BillTo, and Consignee to the available tables in the merge mail.
*Added Order Number and Dispatch to the ClaimMaster table in the merge mail. Added Accident Type to the Accident Desc table in merge mail.
*Fixed some typos on the litigation tabs.
*Fixed a bug that broke the spell checker.
*Made the 'Reserve Resync' button change the reserve type on actual recoveries to match the expected if the expected recovery's reserve type changed.
*Now instead of giving an error message when an Offer is entered before a suit has been filed, it now inserts the litigation record with a case number on 'NONE FILED'
*Added Scaled Int fields to the payments and reserves for more accurate reporting.
*On the New Claim screen, the claim type drop down now reflects the fact that the screen remembers the last claim type chosen.
*Fixed the Change Reserve screen so that the current reserve type is selected in the drop down. 
*The security on the claimant types has been overhauled. The program now support restricting insert and delete rights per claimant type, not on claimants as a whole.
*Fixed a bug that hide parts of long button captions on lookup dialogs.
*Made the record view dialog for both the payee lookup screens the same one that you get when inserting a new payee record.
*Made the common payee list refresh every time it is opened.
*Fixed a bug that made the Goto Safety button on the Involved Driver not work.
*A claimant can now have multiple of the same involved physicians on the same date. (Need sql change that can not be included in standard script).
*Added points to the compliance table in safety and added the compliance info to the points listing.
*Fixed a few caption that were missing in safety.
*When the selected claim in the claim master is CLOSED the last field in the grid remains yellow now to indicate that.
*Added a setting under File->Setup on the main menu to disable bolding of the selected claim in the claim master. On small screens or long claim numbers it could hide part of the claim number.
*When a claim is closed it now turns yellow in the grid without having to refresh or open and close the claim master.
*Forms remember their last location better including on multi-monitor systems.
*Rearranged the Make Payment and Process Payment buttons on the payment tab, some user had to scroll the tab right to click them. Also added short-cut keys to them. Alt-1 Alt-2
*The New Preclaim screen now remembers the last preclaim type used.
*On the Common Payee Lookup screen, I moved the OK/Cancel buttons to the left side.
*You can now set the close date on an involved adjuster when the record is inserted.
*On the attachment tab's grid print, the Description is now included.
*Added Attachment Type to the grid on the attachments tab.
*Added a filter button to the attachments tab.
*Added a 'Show Claimant Attachments' checkbox to the attachment tab on the claim master. When checked the claimants attachments that the user has rights too are added to the grid. The filenames are change to CLAIMANTNAME_FILENAME to prevent duplicate names and indicate the origin. The state of the check box is remembered between sessions.
*Added a user changeable Attachment Date to the attachment tab.
*Added a 'Primary Company' drop down box on the general info tab in safety.
*Added questions about Medicare Reporting to the applicable claimants.
*Added a company selection to the random driver list.
*Fixed 'At beginning of table.' error that happened sometimes on the random driver list.
*Added the create user the the grid on the Award tab in Safety.
*The claim master and preclaim extended search now search when the user hit Enter in the search box.
*Added a Merge Driver Records feature to the Safety screen (still need to do attachments).
*Fixed a bug that could make it impossible to cancel a dairy once you started to enter it.
*Fixed a bug some Record View screens control's to be really long sometimes.

RMClient Version
*On the preclaim all driver fields now show name instead of code.
*Fixed a bug in the Authorized Users screen in RMSetup.
*Fixed a bug with emailing merge email. 
*Fixed a bug with the notification email.
*Added From Email Address and From Email Name to the Setup screen in RMClient.
*Fixed a bug that made the duplicate Order Number screen not show up.
*Added a new tab in the safety for Owner Operator Policy info.
*Added Service Cost and Total Cost to the injury tab.
*Made the auto payment section on the workers comp claimant accept multiple records.
*Fixed a bug that caused the common payees not to refresh after a new one was entered.
*Fixed a bug with the new attachment security.
*Added an address button for the law firm in the attorney lookup screen.
*Added a driver reports menu to safety.
*Fixed a bug in RMSetup on the policy setup screen.

RMClient Version
*Restored the ability to copy from the claim master grid.
*Changed all grid so their cells can be copied.
*Added an attachments tab to the claim detail screen.
*Added the customer code to the label at the top of the claimant customer tab.
*Fixed an error on the safety attachments tab.
*Fixed some bugs with the archive diaries.

RMClient Version
*Added a View External flag to the attachment type table. This controls if external programs can see the attachment.
*Added a private flag to the attachment records that can only be set by the user that created the attachment.
It enables security on the attachment with a system like the diary levels.
*Added a button on the reserve setup screen to copy all of another companies reserve types to the current company.
*Added a button to the user setup screen to make a copy of the user with a new ID.
*Fixed a bug that caused the Adjuster Reserves screen to not work if any reserve name was longer then 20 chars.
*Made it easier to tell the current record on the claim master, detail, and preclaim screens.
*Added an Incd. Points field to the accident type table. In the safety points listing if an accident is an Incident it will use this point value, otherwise it will use the old points value.
*Added a button on the Involved Driver tab to goto the driver's record in safety.
*Changed the reserve change notification to use the reserve change amount instead of total amount.
*Made the Court Venue field in the Litigation unlimited length.
*Added an Address button the the Terminal setup screen in RMSetup.
*Added a screen in RMSetup for Common Payees.

RMClient Version
*Fixed bugs and speed up the questions.
*Changed the reserve change notification interface.
*The Risk Manager tab in Safety now shows WC claims as well.
*Fixed the division field not working on Pre accident claims.
*Added a Max Diaries setting the Company Setup screen in RMSetup.
*When adding a new diary if the number of diaries on the activity date is greater or equal to the Max Diaries setting the program will prompt the user make sure they want to add the diary.
---Max Diaries will not stop someone from adding a diary just make sure they don't want to change dates.
*Added a color field to the comment type.
*Added Create User and Date to the attachments tab.

RMClient Version
*Fixed a bug with the questions.
*Added the statement and picture tabs back.
*Added a Driver section to the Merge Mail.
*Made the vehicle Merge Mail work in the Notifications.
*After a reserve change is made a function in ReserveChange.dll gets called that can be used to send reserve change notifications or anything else.

RMClient Version
*Added a menu for user reports to the claim master, claim detail, and preclaim screens. Also added the setup tables to RMSetup.
*Added Active flag to both the driver supervisor and fleet manager tables. When a 'N' is in the field they will not be shown in drop down lists in RMClient.
*On both the claim and claimant litigation tabs. When you select an attorney from either list the hint will change to that attorneys address.
*Also added quick buttons to get to the attorney address screen.
*On the attorney lookup screen the address was added to the list of attorneys.
*Added Active flag on accident types, weather types, road conditions, road surface, contributing factors, and injury types. When a 'N' is in the field they will not be shown in drop down lists in RMClient.
*On the recoveries tab added a 'Responsible Adjuster' field with a list of the assigned adjusters to the claim to choose from.
*Added reserve type to the recovery tree in the claim master.
*Made the work restrictions grid a bit bigger and ordered it by begin date.
*Removed the statements and pictures tabs. The attachments work much better. If you need data transferred over email
*Inactive adjusters are now shown in RMSetup while being hidden in RMClient.
*Added a new tab on the Claim Master, Detail, and Preclaim for questions. Also added the setup screen to RMSetup.

RMClient Version
*Removed all the search types from the extended search except for = and LIKE. The others were not useful.
*Fixed a bug that caused displaying the claim detail screen to become very slow.
*Fixed a bug that caused the handling instructions not to work when making a check request.

RMClient Version 
*The claim detail UDF tab will no longer show when the user does not have rights to it.
*Fixed a bug in the claim detail that could cause tabs not to show.
*Added a setting for the points in safety to only show preventable accidents. To enable add the following to RMIBServer.ini
*Fixed an error in safety that caused users to not be able to go back into safety if they closed the screen with a filter active.
*In RMSetup the UserID on adjusters now shows.
*In RMSetup fixed the screen to attach reserves to adjusters.
*If any reserves are authorized on an adjuster RMClient limits the available reserves to that list.
*Changed the description field on the attachments to a memo.
*Added a type field to attachments. Uses the Picture type from the pictures tab.
*Added a comment template button to the attachments
*Added a memo for Handling Instructions to the payment tab.
*Added a notes memo field to the log violations tab in Safety.
*Added Drug Test Result lookup table to RMSetup.
*Added Drug Test Result field to both claimant and driver drug test tabs.

RMClient Version
*Added vehicle info to the merge mail.
*Before closing a claim, if there are open reserves on a claim, the user is now prompted to confirm they want to close it.
*On the WC claimant tab, added an 'On OSHA Log' field to the OSHA log.
*Added 'Carrier Claim Number' to the claimant. You can access it via the record view dialog on the claimant.
*Fixed a bug that made it possible to put a reserve from the wrong company on a claim if you want to the claim from a diary.

RMClient Version
*Create claim from preclaim now moves the attachments from the preclaim to the claim.
*Added comment template entry to RMSetup.
*Added a comment template to the preclaim, claim, and claim detail comment tabs.

RMClient Version
*When you try to close an adjuster on a claim with open reserves it will now prompt you to make sure you want to.
*Added a comment field to the expected recoveries.
*The reserve tree in the claim master now only shows the first 20 chars of the party name to keep the rest of the formatting correct.
*Added a preventable check box to the claim and preclaim OS&D tab.
*Refixed the attaching physicians to injuries.
*On the WC Claimant work restrictions it only totals the days if the restriction type is a restriction.
*Added a field for 'Require 1099' to payees and common payees.
*When adding a workers comp claimant the program now automatically adds an OSHA record.
*New WC drug test records will show up in safety now if the employee is also a driver with the same code.
*Fixed a bug that caused the SBU on cargo claims not to be attached correctly.
*Added insurance claim number to the expected recoveries.
*Added division to the drivers general info in safety.

RMClient Version
*Make changes to the points listing.
*Changed 'Closing Status' label on closing tab to just 'Status'.
*Added accident and location description to the pre claim injury tab.
*Fixed some problems with the Workers comp external adjuster.
*Fixed an error attaching physicians to injuries.

RMClient Version
*Added the create date and user the the recoveries tree.
*Added a way to attach a claim to a common catastrophe though the record view dialog.
*Added address to the treatment facility lookup in on the IP injuries tab.
*Added address to the physician lookup in on the IP injuries tab.
*Added a check box on the litigation tab to specify if it is actually in litigation.
*Added OSHA Number to the company setup.
*The claim litigation tab now lists all attorneys. You still need to go to the claim detail lit tab to attach them.
*Added external adjuster to the workers comp tab in the claim master. It also now displays the adjuster address right on the tab.

RMClient Version
*In safety if another driver has the same SSN as another driver the SSN field on the general info turns red.
*Added an attachments tab to safety.
*Added an attachments tab to Preclaim.
*Fixed an error working with Payee Types in RMSetup.
*Fixed a bug that prevented users from transferring claims from one company to another.
*Added order number and dispatch to the claim works comp tab.
*Added checkboxes for 'Received From Driver' and 'Received From MCP' to the on road inspections in the safety.
*Added a checkbox for 'Corrected' to the inspection violations in safety.
*Added a 'Claimant Jacket' button in the claim detail. Works the same way as the claim jacket, but in RMIBServer.ini you use 'ClaimantType' instead of 'Type'.
  So it looks like this:
*Added a setting to make form color and position company specific. Defaults to true.
*Fixed a bug that caused the employers and polices not to change on the WC tab when the user changes companies.
*The comment tab in the claim master now remembers if you have the 'Show All' checkbox checked or not.
*Added Hire State and Location to the workers comp claimant tab.
*Added authorized by to the grid on the payment tab.
*Redid the injury tab so it is more usable.
*Fixed some problems with making payments on a non standard payment type.
*Added an involved adjuster tab in the preclaim like the claim master.
*Fixed some tab orders.
*Made closing date visible and editable on the closing tab in the claim master.
*Added points to the violation tab in safety.
*Changed county to state on the safety on road inspections.
*Added a grid for alleged damages to the claimant individual tab.
*Added alleged damage types to RMSetup.


RMClient Version
*The address button on the facility lookup on the driver safety drug test tab did not work.
*Fixed a problem renumbering check batches.
*Added a check batch register print.
*Added a GLBreakdown screen.
*Added a new box in the status bar with the claim record id in it.
*Added a new box in the status bar with the number of fatalities and injuries in it. If there is fatality the box is red.
*On the work restriction grid on a WC claimant I added a column for total days off and a footer for a total of the days off.
*Fixed a bug on both preclaim and claim cargo that would only let you update the new claim once before it gave an error.
*Added a random driver list generator for the safety.
*Added a check box for Hearing Loss on the OSHA log on a WC claimant.
*Fixed a bug that made the drivers address not always pull in on the safety merge mail.
*Added a drop down box for equipment violation codes on the on road inspection tab in safety.
*Added the corresponding table to RMSetup.

RMClient Version
*Fixed Typo.
*Fixed some problems in RMSetup with Commodity Code entry.
*Fixed error when update Preclaim types in RMSetup.
*Added Advanced Search to Safety
*Added a main menu in safety and move some of the functions from buttons to menu items.
*The points tree in safety on counts points on preventable accidents now.
*Added SSN to the filter and find dialogs in safety.
*Added PIN to company driver and involved driver.
*In the safety general info I changed the status flag to be a combo box and added a deleted status. Right now placing a driver in the deleted status does nothing.
*Added fields to the company master for ICCNUM and DOTNUM. They are on the Misc tab in the company setup in RMSetup.
*Changed the DOTNUM and ICCNUM fields in safety on road inspections to drop down boxes with all companies ICC/DOT numbers listed. You can still manually enter data in the field.
*Added an address button to the Attorney lookup screen.
*Added city and state to the treatment facility lookup screen. Also made it so you could sort/search by those fields.
*Fixed a bug that prevented users from changing their passwords when using FB2 as the database backend.
*Added violation code to the violation tab in both the involved parties and safety.
*Added billed amount, invoice number, and paid date to the drug test tab in both safety and involved parties.
*Make it so you could add facilities via the facility lookup screen on the safety drug test tab.

RMClient Version
*Sped up the program when a user goes to multiple claims from a search.
*You can now go to multiple claims from the advanced search.
*Added primary adjuster to the results of the extended search.
*Clicking on a column title in the extended and advanced search now sorts the grid by that column.
*Added a timeout feature to the server that disconnects idle users. It is turned off by default
IdleTimeOut=(number of minutes)
*Fixed an error that caused work restrictions records to be unable to update after inserted without logging out.

RMClient Version
*Fixed memory leak in RMIBServer
*Changed memory manager in RMIBServer
*Added CRDT/CRUS to misc incident tab in safety
*Added points to log violations.
*Displayed points on various safety tables in RMSetup.

RMClient Version
*Changed the closing tab to show the correct archive date instead of the create date.
*In safety on the risk tab only show preclaims that have not been converted to a claim.
*Added division to accidents and OSD in claim and preclaim and the lookup table in RMSetup.

RMClient Version
*Added the claim and claimant reserve total figures to the merge mail. They are not formatted so you need to put a $ in front of the field.
*fixed a bug that allowed you to authorize your own check.
*Order unauthorized payments by paymentid.
*Added address to expected recoveries.
*Fixed the address buttons on the drivers and customers lookups in a osd claim.
*Added email address to driver supervisor, fleet manager, terminal, and business unit.
*RMClient now remembers the last userid used to login.
*Fixed a bug that caused the last company to not always be remembered.
*Added an edit popup menu to the reserve annotation on the new reserve screen.
*Added fleet manager to OS&D tab
*Added flags for injury and fatality to notification emails.
*Users can no longer enter a repair est. before the equipment on the company equipment tab or the vehicles tab.
*You can now send reports along with the notification emails. The report format will be what ever format the user uses unless you override it in RMIBServer.ini
UserID=<user id that has the report format you want to use>
*Added a expected recovery report to the recoveries tab.
*Added carrier to the OS&D tab in both claim and preclaim. Also added the lookup table to RMSetup.

RMClient Version
*Added create user & date to the following tabs in safety Drug Tests, Contacts, Inspections, and Observation Reports.
*Added return data to on road inspections in safety
*Added address to physicians
*Claim master no longer checks to see if the report server is working to show the jacket button.
*Order checks by createdate on the reserve listings.
*SYSDBA can no longer change the password via the program, they have to go though IB/FB
*Fixed an error when going to multiple claims from the authorize checks screen.

RMClient Version
*You can now delete check requests from the authorize checks screen.
*When an adjuster is closed on a claim it prompts to close that adjuster diaries. If the user answers yes all diaries are closed.
*Added a goto claim button on the authorize checks screen.
*Added hints to more of the navigator bars.
*In the check auth screen checks are now ordered by check number.
*Changed the headings on the reserve listings.
*Double clicking a record in the ops fetch selection forms now chooses that record instead of enlarging the grid.
*You can now right click on a payment on the payment tab and void it. Voiding just writes a duplicate check with negative reserves.
*Added Driver Class to the safety general info tab.
*The driver fetch on the involved driver tab now pulls in the driver class from the safety.

RMClient Version
*Fixed the include cargo check box in the new preclaim screen so it works.
*Fixed a bug that caused vary large check requests to loose some cents when they become a payment.
*Fixed 'Class TPanel Not Found' error on lookup attorney screen.

RMClient Version
*The duplicate payment check now looks for other payments within $1
*Changed the default filter on expirations in safety to 'All'
*Added support for FFE check printing.

RMClient Version
*Fixed an error with work restrictions.
*Fixed an error that made it impossible to cancel a closing record.
*Added Date Of Hire to the workers comp claimant tab and the employee fetch
*Fixed an error that prevent users from going to preclaim from the safety claim tab.
*You can no longer enter a repair estimate when there is no equipment.
*Added an accidents tab to the safety.
*Made the closing color yellow.
*Added a setting to RMIBServer.ini to control if the 'TransferToAPYN' flag when authorizing a check request. The default is 'Y'.
*Fixed spelling errors in the safety and changed 'Markel' to 'Observation'

RMClient Version
*Fixed an error with the driver fetch when there is no driver.
*You can now build Risk with "SafetyOnly" that will disable all the Risk parts of the program.
*Made attachments only pull the file on view or save.
*Reduced server memory load when going to the attachments tab.
*Added a label with driver code to the involved driver tab.
*You can now have multiple drug tests on a claimant.
*Added initial amount to the expected recoveries.

RMClient Version
*Made changes to the check authorizing process.

RMClient Version
*The involved party type field on the claim detail screen can hold more chars now.
*Fixed a bug that caused the available payees on workers comp claimants not to change when you changed claimants.
*Changed the attorney lookup screen to list all attorneys without having to scroll though the law firms.
*Fixed some errors when putting multiple attorneys on a litigation.
*Fixed a error that caused the wrong attorney to be put in if you added a new attorney on the lookup screen.
*Made the user column on the diary tab in the claim master larger.
*If you delete the primary adjuster the field in the claim master is now set to null.
*Fixed an error when adding a new workers comp claimant the combo box would not take more then 1 letter.

RMClient Version
*Made form color easier to change.
*Fixed an error that caused check requests not to be printed when they are entered.
*Reserve comments can now be entered on reserve changes, not just new reserves.
*Lightened the color of closed claims.
*The active tab is now bold.

RMCleint Version
*Fixed an error when adding new payees.
*Fixed an error when opening the preclaim when there are no claims shown.
*Fixed an error in safety that caused updates to violations to fail.

RMClient Version
*Added destruction date to the closing tab in the claim master.
*Fixed the security on the closing tab.
*Added hazmat description and accident description to the claim merge mail.
*Fixed the pre claim extended search to look for equipment on accidents is the new location.
*Scrolling past a involved driver with an empty record no longer causes a transaction to be started.
*After changing companies the security on the main menu is now reevaluated.
*Fixed an error that caused forms to not minimize properly under Terminal Services.
*In the safety claim list you can now go to both preclaims and claims.
*Fixed not being able to update violations in the safety.

RMClient Version
*Fixed a bug that prevented you from going to a claim from a diary.
*Fixed a bug that prevented merge mails from being emailed.
*Started using FinalBuilder to control the build process.

RMClient Version
*Added CDL number and state to the filter/locate dialogs in the safety.
*Added Notified Email Setup to RMSetup
*Added Department to notified emails so that the notified departments tab can be filled in on the claim master.
*Fixed a bug in RMSetup.exe that caused it to update and run RMClient when it tried to update.
*Made the ClaimJacket work with the multi-company report server

RMClient Version
*Added shortcut keys to the Active Diaries screen.
*Added Involved Driver and Equipment Types to RMSetup
*Added Special Messages to RMSetup
*Made the special messages dialog on the payment tab more user friendly.
*Added a button to print payments like check requests.
*Added the ability to put comments on reserve changes
*Added Points and Warning to on road inspections in safety
*Added factors to RMSetup

RMClient Version
*Claims that are closed now show up as teal in the claim master grid.
*The Claim Master screen now handles different security on tabs between companies better.
*Fixed the create claim from preclaim so it shows the claim number after it has been created.
*Added an extended search by pre claim number to the pre claim master.
*Added scroll bars to more memo fields
*Removed the max length of around 500 from all memo that had one
*Added date range to the points tree in the safety

RMClient Version
*Fixed an error where the payee line 2-4 could be wrong if multiple payees have the same line 1. Only affected checks.
*Fixed an error on the points tab in the safety when a record is null.
*Made the description on the points tab in the safety longer.
*Fixed an error that caused payee line 3 to over write payee line 2 on checks and requests.
*Make the default for transfered to ap on a check/request to N and check number to 0

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